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Carla Tussey Peno         

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CTP Equestrian Mission
CTP Equestrian is based in State College, PA and set to open in April 2016. The mission of CTP Equestrian is to provide a solid training program to equestrians of the State College area. The goals of the program are to produce skilled riders and educated sport horses and ponies. Additionally, CTPE provides access to USEA horse trials in all of Area II, in addition to the schoolings and shows to prepare for them. 

The program is catered to developing solid rider/horse combinations. While showing is great feedback for the progress made, we aim for so much more than a blue ribbon at CTPE. We aim to be and produce solid horsemen and women, correct and proficient riders, not just competitors.

Carla's Experience
In 2010, Carla moved to Maryland and began the journey of becoming a professional rider. She began as a full time trainer at Columbia Horse Center in Columbia Maryland where she developed and coached the CHC Event Team for three years. The team was very successful in developing beginner event riders through recognized eventing. She developed a network of clients and horses through her relationship at CHC.

In August 2014, Carla moved to a full time position under 3* event rider and trainer Valerie Vizcarrrondo, owner of Blue Clover Eventing. There she learned the ins and outs of an upper level eventing program, competing at many top events up and down the east coast along the way.

After getting married in May 2015, Carla and husband JP made plans to move back to State College, PA to establish a home. In September of 2016 they made the move and Carla began the planning process of CTP Equestrian.

Aiken, SC was calling her name for the winter, so Carla planned a grand opening for April 2016 when she returns. While in Aiken, Carla is managing Fox Hill Eventing for 3* eventer Mogie Bearden-Muller, a long time mentor.

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Shooting for the Moon! (Landing among the stars wouldn't be bad either)

The Grand Master Plan:
Years down the road, I'm looking for it all. I'd like to have my own training facility where I will produce horses for all levels, upper and lower. I'd love to get into producing top quality sport ponies, as who doesn't love an adorable pony?! I'm just the right size to work with them and I love a pint sized superstar.

I'd like to stay competitive over a long career in eventing and dressage, maybe dabble in jumpers however my ultimate goal is to be the best horseperson I can be, staying true to my solid foundation and influence others to focus on the same.

The top? On one hand, I'm kind of already there. I have everything I need to continue doing what I love for the rest of my life. On the other hand, I want to be an FEI competitor. I'd love to be a 4* rider one day and see my name on the roster at Rolex. I will continue to work up the levels! However everything from the daily rides to a smiling student or a confident training horse gives me so much satisfaction that I can say I'm already embracing the reality my life has become.

"There are plenty of talented riders and incredible teachers out there, but there is something to be said for someone who can do/be both with great skill. Carla, works with each individual student to understand his/her goals and get them there with a strong foundation. As a beginner with big dreams, its been extremely beneficial for me to have Tsavo in training along with taking lessons from Carla. When its time for me to learn a new skill she uses her personal experience with my horse to help me achieve my goal effectively.  Just one of many examples: “So I’ve been working on canter transitions with him, its not going to be easy, but here's what I've learned that will help you…”  That direct feedback is exactly what he and I need to progress as a team. I honestly can’t say enough great things about Carla, she has taught me everything I know and I love the fact that after every lesson I come out feeling accomplished, stronger, and ready for what's next."
-Merida Miller
CHCET Member and Tsavo's Owner

Carla is known for her ability to bring people together and create a real sense of a team in a barn. Upon her first year teaching in Maryland, she developed an event team which traveled throughout all of Area 2 events competing and volunteering. In the 4 years she coached, her team became the largest team at the barn, (which hosts a hunter/jumper team, dressage team and event team), and outgrew anyone's initial hopes. After leaving CHC, the team has been taken over by another coach and is still going strong. You will most likely run into them at many events in Maryland! Outside of riding, Carla has always been the team-leader type having been her high school rugby team's captain for 3 years, and later an assistant coach while in college. Teamwork and leadership are in her genes!