...an eventer on a misson

Carla Tussey Peno         

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Sage's Honor "Artie"- Owned by Carla

Artie is a 2005 OTTB Gelding. Although he's only 15.1hh, you wouldn't ever guess it given his huge heart! The two of us believe little people and horses can rule! He's already exceeded my initial expectations, he just keeps picking up those feet! I know there have been others and there will be more, but Artie will always remain a special one for me. He helped me make the move to Maryland as a new trainer. He's helped me showcase my skills, taught me new ones and continues to be the inspiration for other training horses.

I started working with him when he was 6. He went from a super spooky green bean to a bold cross-country machine. He's the horse who will spook at an intro fence if you trot passed it, yet practically pulls me to the prelim fences he's schooling now. He has made so many milestones in my life, and to have him grow into such a great competition horse is just amazing. He has wins at every level he has competed and will surely continue to impress me. In 2015 he won four out of six events up and down the east coast. His 2016 competition schedule is on hold, as there are many expenses involved in opening a business, but we certainly plan to get back at it soon! I will forever be indebted to Frank and Anne Peno for the opportunity to own this pocket rocket!

Uh Oh She's Flat "Cali"- Owned by Frank and Anne Peno, and Carla

2009 OTTB Mare, 15.2hh. Cali came to us from the same hook up we found Artie. We are so happy to have her as part of our program. She is ready to make a career as a sport horse! She's a sweet mare...she has to be as the only girl in my barn! She's a cutie undersaddle and is bound to make a great amateur horse. For more information on Cali, please contact Carla at ctpequestrian@gmail.com. She is for sale and will be formally advertised after she's had more show experience!

Turn the Page Dan "Turner"- Owned by Frank and Anne Peno

2011 OTTB Gelding, 16.1hh. Turner is tall, dark and handsome! He is such a sweetie on the ground, he's so nice to work with daily. After trying him, his natural way of jumping was just too nice to pass up. This guy is going to be so fun to gallop around and jump everything...so uphill, so naturally balanced, we are chomping at the bit to go out and compete him! All in good time, but he is sure to impress everyone once he's out showing!

Wise Thinking "Dozer"- Owned by Frank and Anne Peno

2010 OTTB Gelding, 16hh. This horse is so lovely on the flat, we had to bring him home. Riding him, it's easy to forget that he's only six- he just comes together so nicely, is so willing, and just all around is so pleasant to ride! He's dabbled a bit here and there since he came off the track, and now has settled here with the intent to event!