...an eventer on a misson

Carla Tussey Peno         

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The horses and riders below are a handful of those I trained at Columbia Horse Center. Though I no longer work with them, I know they have a solid foundation to move forward with. Heartbreaking to let them go, but I will absolutely be keeping tabs on these horses and riders as time goes by. 

"I have been using Carla as my trainer since acquiring my OTTB over a year ago.  Carla is extremely dedicated and has worked tirelessly to advance my horse J.J.    Starting as a “slightly spooky” and out of shape 13 year old thoroughbred, she has worked on advancing J.J. to work quietly, and increase his fitness level to where we are now showing at Training Level in our dressage shows. She has a great ability to read my horse and determine a proper training program that will work for him.  When we reach a wall, she makes corrections to the training, sometimes back to basics, which have always enabled us to correct, and then make leaps forward in our movements.  J.J. and I are happy to have her as part of our “family”!"
                                                                         -Linda Morelock, Dressage rider/owner of JJ, member of CHC Event Team