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Carla Tussey Peno         

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It takes a village...

Support Network

My husband, JP Peno is my rock. I could go on forever about what he does for me.

My parents never batted an eye when I used my college degree to turn around and ride everyday instead of going with a more traditional career. I love them and owe them everything.

The rest of my family cheers me on, provides me with nieces and nephews that I can't get enough of, and never care if my dressage test wasn't the best I've ever done.

My non-horsey friends, though our conversations are far too sparse, help me remember that there is an outside world beyond horses.

My horsey-friends are there for when I want to talk about that one jump that I nailed on course, over and over again.

My past clients through Columbia Horse Center. They trusted me, worked with me and took the lessons that footed the bill for me to keep my horse going. GO CHCET!! I'll never forget how they influenced me and gave me the confidence to continue moving forward as a competitor.

Columbia Horse Center itself provided me an amazing opportunity to learn about the business, given me clients and provided a great atmosphere to help me grow as a trainer. I never would have figured out the ins and outs of Maryland without their support.

Blue Clover Eventing was an essential stepping stone for me and I will forever be grateful to Valerie for her influence in my riding, training, horse care and business.

Mogie Bearden-Muller has given me the confidence and courage to be the trainer I have always dreamed of being. She is tough on me because she sees the big picture and wants to see me succeed as a well-rounded, educated equestrian.

Frank and Anne Peno are not only my in-laws, but are also the people opening their doors for me to live out my dream. For the forseeable future I will run CTP Equestrian out of their barn, Stone Mountain Stables. They have been incredibly supportive and helpful in this whole process, I can't thank them enough!

TeamTussey was developed as a sort of going away present/tribute from CHCET. The team of riders became such a huge part of my life, I will forever be changed by them. TeamTussey was created to let me know they are always behind me in my endeavors and are my biggest fans. There were so many tears the day I left, from myself and all my riders. I'll never forget the scene they created for me that day. The armbands they made are a symbol that keep us united though we are far apart...I still wear mine for every competition and I know that many of my supporters are wearing theirs! If you'd like to have one and show your support, let me know! All CTP clients get one!

Be a part of our journey!

Invest in the horses

CTP Equestrian is building day by day. If you are interested in horse ownership, please let me know! Short and long term sponsorship is also incredibly helpful, from sponsoring a show to sponsoring a horse, it takes a whole team to meet success in this sport! 

Cheer us on!
A rider can never have too many people to gallop through the finish to. If you want to come see us in action, take a look at the calendar page!

Become a Client
I have many options for committed riders and horses, from full training board to haul in lessons, I also travel to teach! Give me a call and let's talk about what I can do to help you achieve your goals!

From Hayley and Karyn Skaggs:

Carla has helped tremendously with Hayley’s progress in achieving her goal of one day “riding at ROLEX”.   Her tactful approach while working with the “tweeners” in the group lesson has boosted Hayley’s confidence and competence as a rider and continues to encourage her to reach her goals. Thanks for your guidance, your professionalism and your friendship.  Looking forward to seeing you in the coach’s corner (after having completed your XC, of course!) at RK3DE 2022!!