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Carla Tussey Peno         

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Updates on the daily happenings can be found here, read on!

Summer 2017

Summer of 2017 has been full of excitement! We've welcomed two new boarders to CTP: Juli Simon with her new young OTTB mare and Laura Pollock with her new horse, a seasoned OTTB eventer. I'm so lucky to have both of these owners in my barn- they are dedicated to the training process, patient yet ambitious in their goals, it's going to be a fun and fruitful journey working together!
Our youngest CTP rider, Allison Walbridge has also been working very hard this summer with her OTTB mare Meg. They have been dedicated in becoming a true team, and are planning their eventing debut in September. Not many 17 year old riders have the drive that Allison does, and it really shows in the progress they've made together! The whole barn is excited to see them progressing towards their goals!
Our lovely POA pony Gidget found a perfect new home with a local eventing barn- we are so happy we could be a part of the process bringing her along and finding her a forever home. We will always have a special place in our hearts for the pony!
Last but not least at all, Amanda Brennan put in a full time internship at CTP this summer, and it couldn't have gone better! Amanda is a Penn State Student, and we had a seriously productive summer with her on board. Everything from sales advertising, competition grooming, conditioning, vet care to stalls and anything else that happens in the day to day of the barn, Amanda was involved waist deep in it all. In my opinion, the summer was too short as I'd like her to stay on full time for the rest of the year! However, she is still sticking around with us part time while she is in her senior year at PSU, so the journey is not over yet! The experience was a first for CTP and I do believe we've set a great standard of possible opportunities for future students to do the same. 
Our horses are doing great, and hope to give some exciting competition news this fall!
Spring 2017
The winter cold has lifted in central PA and the springtime has provided us with warmer breezes, sunny days and stunning sunsets at CTP. The jumps are out in the jump field and all the horses have been so happy to work outside again.
The hard work over the winter seems to have paid off well, we have a slew of horses going really well and ready to show! The youngsters have matured since last fall, their energy being directed more into their work, they have been blowing us away everyday. We have sale ready horses, please check the Horses for Sale page for information on them.
With the spring also comes an exciting start to the show season. Already having a few shows under our belt, CTP is active and busy. Keep tabs on the calendar page to know what is coming up. In addition to shows, we have already been cross country schooling a handful of times and have more to plan. This is the time to get out and get sharp off the property as much as possible, so don't hesitate to join us!
To add to the spring excitement, CTP recently brought home a new pony! Gidget is a POA cross and she will be schooled up and sold through our program. She certainly stands out from our OTTB bays! We are so excited to have a cute pony in the barn again, how fun! She'll be listed on the sale page once she gets a little more of a tune up, however is already beginner safe on trails, and pretty straightforward to ride in the ring having many miles with young riders in hunter/jumper shows, lessons, and camps. She's going to be a real catch for someone!
Happy Spring and stay tuned throughout the year!
The Start of 2017!
Wow, 2016 was a mega year for CTP. I can't believe everything we accomplished in opening a new program at a great facility. The year was dedicated to building- from barn renovations to local business relationships, clientele and of course a string of future superstar horses, a LOT happened in 2016. I have to pinch myself when I reflect on it all and we haven't even been open for a year yet!
The great things we accomplished in 2016:
The barn has improved fencing and gates in every turnout area. We officially have turnout ranging from private, semi-private and small group options available.
We have matted stalls, matted aisle, and an indoor hot and cold wash stall, equiped with a heater and soon fans for in the warmer months ahead. This has been a true blessing to have in this winter weather!
We have a handful of lovely cross country jumps, perfect for schooling and starting the young horses over, in addition to a full set of new showjumps as well.
We've started improving the footing around and between the barn structures, and restructured our layout to offer trailer parking and an easy trailer turn around for our haul in lessons.
We've got great locally made grain from the Centre Hall Farm Store, who continue to impress us with the grain and supplements they make and provide, not to mention their neighborly hospitality when we visit them in store. Additionally our second grain supplier, Martin's in Coburn, PA supply us with another grain we just love as well as our bedding. Both have been a pleasure to work with and all the CTP horses are healthy and happy on their goods.
We have a full roster of lessons, some on training board and some on weekly schedules. I'm so thankful to have connected with the people I have and can't wait to connect with more this year!
We officially have a full barn and a waitlist established- I wish I had more stalls! The waitlist is already 6 horses deep so if you'd like to be added please let me know asap!
Additionally the staffing at CTP has continously been in a great position, with a recent promotion of Maegan Morooney to Assistant Barn Manager and the addition of my two working students Paige Furtaw and Amanda Brennan.
Last but definitely not least, I have some amazing horses in the barn. Three sale horses have been coming along so nicely since last year, and I couldn't be more excited for the spring show season to arrive. Be sure to check them out on my sales page!
Thank you so much to all those who helped in so many aspects of these projects, words can't express how much of a difference it's all made it getting CTP on the map.
With all those projects and many more minor ones that didn't get mentioned here, I will absolutely admit that 2016 was exhausting! But so worth it! Now I feel like we are ready to dive in to 2017 and move forward with more competing! Looking ahead to 2017, I see limitless possibilities for what it could bring. You'll have to stay tuned to see where we end up!

Spring 2016
I'm back! I'm so exicted to be getting down to business here in PA. While I was gone, the fencing around the barn has been updated and I am so excited to have aisles between all our fields- no halter tag over the fencelines! Already our list of 2016 projects is growing and we have such big plans for building a solid infrastructure to use for years to come. Additionally, we hope to be welcoming some new and talented sale projects into the barn soon! Stay tuned for all the excitement!
Winter 2015-2016
I am spending the winter season in Aiken, SC managing Fox Hill Eventing South for Mogie Bearden-Muller. We are getting fit for the 2016 season and I am preparing to have some new sales horses this year. My husband is hunkered down in PA, working away. Artie and I will be back in PA in April to kick off CTP Equestrian without the snow!

Let me fill you in on my journey thus far...

Prior to CTP Equestrian
I believe every life long plan has several phases, each modified from the last based on experience. Here is how mine has gone with regard to my horse dreams:

Phase 1: Plan I made at 15 years old: Turn 18, take my OTTB gelding to a US Team member for a lesson, they would flaunt over our greatness, and bam! We hit the Olympics at age 21 and become superstars!
Okay so maybe not 100% realistic…

Phase 2: Modified plan: Attend college, sell the OTTB because college isn't cheap! Teach beginner lessons part time to satisfy my horse fix, graduate, manage the barn where I was teaching, meet my new horse partner Artie...ah! Let the old plan come back into play now! A bit modified...


Phase 3: Move to Maryland, cry a little while learning what bills really look like, read A LOT of training books to motivate and educate myself, take some lessons here and there as my bank account allows, and finally I think we are getting close to making something happen here...

Here’s the short and sweet version of the first few years I spent in Maryland. I met and began to work with Mogie Bearden-Muller of Fox Hill Eventing. Mogie has brought so much to my riding, but also my teaching and competing. She is always giving me advice, sharing past experiences and pushing me to maximize my riding skills. I continue to use her as my primary trainer as often as I can. She’s amazing! I have also taken many lessons from various other great equestrians- Lynn Symansky, Lillian Heard, Julio Mendoza, Daniel Clasing and many more. There are an enormous amount of clinics and opportunities with some of the world’s best riders on a regular basis in my area; I try to take advantage of it when I can afford to!

I developed quite the team of riders at Columbia Horse Center, where I coach the Event Team. Adults and children alike, almost everyone on the team started at an elementary level of eventing, most had never tried it before. By the time I left the team, we competed almost weekly in the show season and had riders competitive in recognized events through novice. The goal with the team was to introduce eventing to amateurs and young riders safely and positively, instilling confidence along the way. 

There were numerous riders at CHC I had the pleasure to work with who specialize in other disciplines such as hunters, showjumping, dressage and pleasure riding. I enjoyed working with these riders just as much as the eventers. The harmony between horse and rider is magical, no matter what your interests are.

After CHC, the year I spent working under Valerie was incredibly educational. Her program runs like a well oiled machine, right down to every minute. Beyond the progress Artie and I made with her daily instructions, I took away valuable knowledge for making a career in this industry. I had the pleasure of working with multiple superstar event horses, riders and everything that goes into creating them. I’m so happy to have had this journey over the past several years. I miss Maryland already, but I'm excited to put my skills to the test in PA. I’m proud of the progress I’ve made, the horses I've trained, and the riders I've taught. I will strive to develop my own crew now here in PA!

"I've been training with Carla for about a year and a half now and she has made a huge impact on my riding and horsemanship.  I am a re-rider, so was getting back into the sport after 11+ years off.  I would not have improved as quickly as I have without private lessons with Carla.  Her feedback is direct and clear, and she takes the time to explain the theory behind the exercise being worked on.  Carla has been instrumental in bringing along my young mare, and I couldn't be happier with how the horse is progressing." 

-Katie Dukes
Owner of Charisma at CHC
Member of CHC Event Team